The Company

Golden TLC Plus takes care of all personnel concerns that includes hiring, firing, replacing and relieving of our caregivers/ homemakers as the company provide extensive care orientation and continuously training to lay out an instructional plan relative to each needs.


Our Approach

The name of the game is RESPONSIBLE. Being accountable for the care we extend to our clients’, your loved one; is who we are and what we are. We morally ensure they are being taken cared of professionally. This we give from out of our loving hearts, dedicated and skillful; that’s our caregivers. They care for them as their own. We train our caregivers to give our clients a laughing exercise, the best medicine and care ever. On the dot they are there, rain or shine right at your very door.


The Team

Well trained as they are, background checked, bonded and insured. These are the caregivers that come into the very privacy of your homes that will give you peace of mind. You deserve it. We make sure they are compatible to the client; they have a very strong employment experience from a reliable sources, very experienced working with clients who have Alzheimer’s, Dementia Parkinson’s and other memory disorders and neurological illnesses, cva/strokes, macular degeneration, rehabilitating from surgery, incontinent care, g-tubes, diabetics, bed bound , heart problems, arthritis, copd, emphysema.

We monitor the entire caregiving process by making frequent telephone calls and home visits to see how things are going.


-Robert Orben

Next Steps...

The team of dedicated professionals at Golden TLC Plus office is on hand to answer all your questions and to address any concerns you have. You can call or email us at any time to learn about our in home care services.